Think Back Thursday ~ Close Ups

I’m joining my friend, Debbie, for Think Back Thursday, her weekly photo meme. I have so many pictures that I take with the intention of sharing but never get around to it so this is the perfect meme for me!

This week’s theme is close ups and we were challenged to use the special features on our cameras to take the photos. I’ve actually been meaning to blog about some of the things that I’ve learned from using my new camera and this is a good theme to share one of my little tricks.

In this photo the lighting is very harsh and the image is not clear.

In this picture, a piece of white paper was held above the flower to diffuse the light. The detail is so much clearer. It is one of my favorite pictures.

The same day as the above photos where taken. My camera was new and I was playing around. I used a paper to diffuse the light again here.

I’d like to say that I was trying to get a picture of the fly but it was purely luck that he was in focus!

Close ups – Not only for flowers. Here’s Georgie Porgie, one of our rescued kitties.

Mikula wanted in on the action, too.

Berries from our yard.

I hope that you’ll think about linking up either this week (I’m late so I’m sure you can be too) or next at Debbie’s Digest. It is so fun to share photos and memories!


2 thoughts on “Think Back Thursday ~ Close Ups

  1. Thanks for the photo tip. Beautiful photos. I will definitely try the paper diffusion when next I get to take photos at Winterthur, Longwood or some other place outside. I have had the problem of flowers washing out many times. Thanks so much.

    Thanks for linking up. Have a Great week. God bless you.

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