Goal Planning Monday -Week 74

Welcome to Goal Planning Monday!

Sorry, I’m a little bit late this week. It has been crazy hectic here and I’ve been a bit under the weather with my neuralgia. I’m here now, though!

If you are new here be sure to check out the guidelines and join in. We would love to have you! If you are returning, I hope you had a good week. Thank you for stopping in and sharing with us. Be sure to keep sharing with your friends as we all could use some accountability from time to time! I hope to see some new members this week. Keep spreading the word as we could all use some encouragement and support as we go about achieving our goals. If you have a moment get sure to hop over and see what others are doing.

Well, I didn’t do so well with my goals this week but still managed to accomplish a whole lot. We’ve been trying for the last three months to get a grant for some major repairs on our home and it is right down to the wire now. We have to get a mortgage on our home (which would help in a million ways) but our house has to have a market value of 75 000. Umm, not sure about that. I think I mentioned somewhere that we paid 20 000 for it, right? Well, it is certainly worth more that that but 75 000, yeah, not sure. Well, we’ve been trying to make it look at good as possible as we cannot to any major repairs….Looks can be deceiving, right. There’s lots of goodness about the place but without the updates (which they initially told us that they’d count when appraising the place), I’m not sure…..so yeah, crafty goals were displaced by house stuff.

This week’s goals:

1. Renew my Mister Linky or look into Linky Tools. DONE! I’ll likely be switching over to Linky Tools. We’ll give it a go next week, okay?

2. Write up the children’s end of year evaluations. DONE! Both children are moving on to the next grade.

3. Do the next unit on bread in my Vintage Remedies course. DONE! 100%

4. Go to bed earlier. NOT DONE. I may have gone to be by 11pm, once, and my goal was around 9:30.

5. Comment on everyone that links here. NOT DONE. Had problems with links on my blog the day I was trying to do this.

6. Promote Goal Planning Monday in a few places. DONE.

7. Write a little more frequently on my blog. NOT DONE. I started a couple different posts, though.

This week’s goals.

1. Do next two units/exams for Vintage Remedies. I’m only missing the exam in one and the next is a profile of herbs. Most of which I am familiar with already.

2. Write up Liam’s registration for homeschooling for the next year. Morgaine’s is done and I need to send them in at the same time as last years report.

3. Spend less time on facebook. Silly computer.

4. Sleep. A lot.

5. Cut down on refined sugars. I’m more than a bit moody these days.

6. Drink water.

7. Look into a bit of a gentle detox, if only with food. I can’t do anything too deep with me still breastfeeding so much.

8. Hopefully get enough done this week so that I can take a “week off” next week and just enjoy the kiddies.

9. Try that apricot desert that I had in mind. I have apricots now…..hopefully, fingers crossed, it will lead to a blog series on whole foods.

Be sure to stop in and let us know what your plans are for this week!


2 thoughts on “Goal Planning Monday -Week 74

  1. I keep meaning to go to bed earlier too, and I can’t seem to manage it. Or if I do actually get INTO the bed on time, I just read that much longer. LOL

    Have a good week!

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