Hey, Where Have You Been?

Yeah, I know, I have a blog. I should make use of it. However, in all honesty, if I were to post it would be all whiny and not much fun so here’s the updates in one post, for your reading (dis)pleasure:

1. We worked like crazy for 10 days to try and up the value of our home so that we could get a loan to get some repairs done and the house value came in waaaaaaaay under the amount we needed.

2. I swell to looking 6 months (if not more) pregnant for about a week each month and after a home test yesterday I suspect it might be a gluten sensitivity and well, that just sucks.

3. I’m discouraged with my children. There are behaviours that I’ve been trying to curb for years, yes YEARS, and they are continuing and it’s to the point where I’m just so tired. This wasn’t in the game plan.

4. I feel a bit depressed and unable to handle things.

5. My husband is always gone and the days are long.

6. Writing with kids is nearly impossible…..STILL.

7. I don’t know who my audience is and what I’m hoping to acheive here on this little blog.

8. All my recipes are just not turning out….and that’s just not a common occurrence in my kitchen.

9. And…

10. And….

11. And…..

I hope to get back to blogging with a new attitude soon.

What do you do when you get a case of the blahs?


2 thoughts on “Hey, Where Have You Been?

  1. When I get the blah’s I start a new craft project. I find something small and whimsical that I can do in a bright color. Tends to life my spirits pretty good!

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