Friday’s Fave Five ~ June 5th, 2015

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 12.22.48 PMI am little late writing this post, but it is still Friday so here I am to share a few nice moments from my last week. If you would like to do the same be sure to visit Susanne over at Living to Tell the Story. Here we go with mine.

1. Getting time to go to the grocery store with just my youngest child. It was fun to just walk down all the aisle and look as long as we wanted. We only spent 25 dollars, but we enjoyed choosing the things that we really wanted. Usually we go to Costco and it is chaos. A regular grocery store is fun every once and a while.

2. Finishing my colouring page. I did worry a bit about what colours were going to go where. I was even going to quit after a choose a set of colours that I really didn’t like for a section. I hated the look of it, but I kept going and I think it turned out nicely in the end anyways.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 11.08.14 PM3. Hanging out with the kids in the tent. It was fun to laze around for one afternoon colouring while the kids played. We managed to get some school work done, too. We have not been able to sleep out there because there are a ton of mosquitoes in this area and the little one hated that we couldn’t quite catch every single one in the tent. I’m hoping that the girlie and I might get a chance to on a night when my partner is home, but the little one is used to having me near him all night so I don’t know if it will work or not. I do know that I love to sleep outside. We’ll see, I guess.

4. Walking this crazy dog. She actually went on her first on the road (we live along a highway) today. I’ve been working with training her for the last few weeks (never get a puppy just before winter sets in….makes teaching loose leash walking a bother). She isn’t perfect, but she is infinitely better than our other dog (that I doubt I’ll ever be able to really walk). I’m looking forward to getting her walking very well by the end of the summer. I feel safe talking her along the highway as she wasn’t anxious so that is good (don’t worry, it is a very quiet highway….our older dog has anxiety so if a car did happen to pass she’d freak out and try to pull me into the ditch). I think we’ll get the hang of it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 11.31.29 PM

5. Shipping notices. My first course will be arriving in the mail some time next week. It should give me a couple weeks to get started on the text books before I get assigned my teacher and the class opens. I was shocked at how fast they got everything organized once I organized myself to start. I’m still working on getting the loans straightened out, but I am hoping that will go well and I’ll be all set for full time in the fall. I know I’ll be checking out the tracking number until my package arrives anyways!


One thought on “Friday’s Fave Five ~ June 5th, 2015

  1. I think your coloring page turned out lovely. Sounds like your puppy is coming along nicely in his training. It’s hard work for both of you but will be so worth it. Costco with kids is definitely chaotic. I’ll bet it was like a treat to go to a regular store with only one child.

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