Just Underneath

For the writing prompt – Four Stars.

Just Underneath follows the story of a young woman from some of of her earliest memories to the day that a life changing decision must be made. Looking into the depths of her soul, she seeks to find what is hidden just underneath. Through a series of flashbacks you’ll be transported on a journey – one of love, pain, loss – and one of hope.

This novel, written with grace and an eloquence that isn’t easily match, will have you questioning everything you know about life, love and loyalty. Is there a point that you’ve given so much away that there is no turning back? What are the bonds that tie? What will you find when you look just below the surface?

Whilw book ends without closure, I highly recommend it.  With a cast of characters you’ll love to hate and those that will leave you begging for more, this story will draw you in and hold you. One moment you’ll love the main character, the next you’ll hate her. Things that seems perfectly obvious to you will not seem clear to her – You might think you know what lies just underneath. The question is, does she?


3 thoughts on “Just Underneath

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