Friday’s Fave Five – April 10th, 2015

I haven’t been inspired by the last couple of prompts over at The Daily Post so today I am joining up with my friends to share five special moments from my week. Feel free to share five highlights of your week over at Living to Tell the Story. It always feels so good.

1. Morgaine recreating ancient Rome in the corner of our upstairs sitting room. Yes, she used a kit and yes, it was after bedtime, but she pulled it all out herself and read the book all about ancient Rome. She was so proud of doing it all herself and I was proud as well.

2. Having my husband’s birthday fall on Easter. It was like killing two birds with one stone (what a horrible thing to say, but I did appreciate having to only cook one special meal and only having to serve sweet cake/dessert once). The kids had a blast decorating a cake for their dad. Not having been to church in a couple of years, Easter was really low key and that was alright, but I did miss some of the special songs that are normally reserved for Easter service.

3. Surviving the week with much more limited facebook usage. Yes, I did sneak through the very top of my newsfeed a few times when I was signing on to check on Lye Abilities, but I only commented a few times (all one one awesome person’s post(s). I’ll get to the point where I’m not there, but going cold turkey wouldn’t have worked out for me. I’d be back in full force within 2 or 3 weeks. Slowly letting go seems to work better for me.

4. Purging stuff. I really want to get rid of a lot of junk so I’ve been going through each room and getting rid of things. I finally emptied our filing cabinet that was filled with papers as far back as 15 years ago. I went through all our clothes, too. It feels good, but I know that we will not get rid of near as much stuff as I would like to. I am very much a minimalist at heart, but no one else in the family is.

5. Cupcakes and this kid. 


Bonus happy moment 

Getting up the nerve to e-mail a friend that I haven’t spoken to in ages (my fault as I was the one that never e-mailed back). It was nice to e-mail back and forth a bit. I’m hoping that I’ll keep in contact with a few people this way. It seems more personal than little snippets in cyberspace on facebook.


3 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five – April 10th, 2015

  1. great list of faves! happy birthday to your husband! I’m sick of Facecrack, too! I much prefer blogging or texting and let’s face it: face to face conversation is still the very best!! happy weekend!

  2. A brilliant idea when ther daily prompts are not inspiring! I will try that next time. Not only does it serve to help us reflecton life envccounters it helps us to realise what we have and be grateful . Thank you once again.

  3. I totally understand how you feel about making two big dinners and desserts around the same period. Nice that the kids were involved in the decorating of their Dad’s cake. That always makes it more special! Facebook can be an absolute time waster but also very addictive so good for your efforts on cutting back! Great fives and thanks for joining in!

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