Really, I Don’t Want to Read the News

Today’s Daily Post Prompts asked us to incorporate the third headline from our favourite news site into a post. When I was at my most depressed this winter I’d get up every morning and put on our news network. I think it was an attempt to connect with something. What would come instead was a feeling of completely messing up by bringing my children into such a screwed up world. I’ve since been mostly avoiding both news stations and visiting online news sites.

However, I used to have a twitter account where I followed my favourite news sources (our (at one time) local newspaper, CBC, Radio-Canada, CNN, BBC, CBC Health News, our local CBC/CTV stations). I have basically only news sources on that account so I went back and checked in for this post. My last tweet was “Catching up on the news with Twitter. My once stop source for finding out what is going on in the world.” It was posted a year ago and I remember private messaging someone that said hello saying that I didn’t know why I bothered stopping in to check the news. There was nothing very inspiring on there.

Yeah, that pretty much sums up the news and my inability to come up with something to write for this post. It’s wasn’t good. I went to my twitter feed numerous times throughout the day and I still couldn’t find a third headline (or any headline) that made me want to write. I didn’t want to write about a women being touched against their will on a airline flight. I didn’t want to write about another black man being shot. I didn’t want to write about the fact that police can’t get their crap together and help the families of so many indigenous women that have gone missing over the years. I didn’t want to write about the whole LGBT issues going on in the United States. I didn’t want to get into politics or talk about the death penalty. Yeah, it was a sucky news day, just like most of them. It really is a sad state if affairs.

So, no, I won’t quote a news’ headline tonight. I’ll just pray and send out all my energy to those people on the other end of all these stories.


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