What Good News?

Today’s Daily Post prompt asks us how we react when we get good news. What would you do if you got good news right now? – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Well, really exceptionally good news is a bit of a rarity in our house. All my news comes to me through my partner and it generally tends to be the type of news that I’m not quite sure about – meh, it could be good, but it might not be either. Because I am  a little bit of a planner and worrier and my partner is a bit more (maybe a lot more) spontaneous, I tend to take good news with a grain of salt so I’m slow to warm up to good news that could go either way.

If I were to get good really news right at this moment, it would come as a complete shock and it wouldn’t be from my partner, so I suppose I would call him and let him know. I don’t really have anyone else that I could ring up and the telephone to share with. If it was good news of my own making and came with any kind of kind words (generally a good grade or an opportunity to share my writing) I would break down into tears so that one might think that something was wrong. I tend to be a cryer so I cry when I am happy, sad, nostalgic, proud. Just about all the time so you never really know with me.

However, news of any kind tends to be a rare here, so we like to take it day by day and figure no news is generally good news. If the phone rings unexpectedly (which is pretty much the only time it would ring) we tend to go “oh, no, what happened”. Thankfully, our phone number seems to be becoming popular with telemarketers so we can go on living our news devoid lives, and we like it that way.


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