I Miss You, Eh?

I’m trying something new here and using a writing prompt to get going. The purpose is to write, right? Here’s today’s prompt – Twenty-Five. Here goes.


There’s something missing – oh, the lovely first letter  will not be seen here. It tried to show itself right in the beginning. We use it so often. It’s difficult without it. This could be quite short, I think. Right now my dog is being troublesome, not the word I’d chose to use, but my little letter is needed for how I’d describe her.  I need to try to continue, but this is toilsome indeed. It’s work to sidestep this little letter, moreover the word. We use it to hold our sentences together. It helps us to know if something is single or if there’s more. I love this letter so, it seems. Without it, I’m lost, so I’ll stop this right here. Oh, how I miss you, my most wonderful letter; most wonderful letter indeed.


One thought on “I Miss You, Eh?

  1. Nicely done. I really enjoyed that post, and it doesn’t even seem laboured!
    You’ve inspired me to see how much I could do without ‘a’ or ‘e’. I’ll probably use a lot of abbreviations!

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