So Much for Writing

I am pretty sure that I am just not meant to write anymore.

I was so set to write a couple weeks ago when I wrote this inspired post. That same evening my husband came home shaking and sick, so there was a couple days nursing him and then a near week of lazing around the house in a fevered, half present state while the children and myself all came down with the plague at the same time. I believe I took a selfie of us all laid out on the mattresses that we managed to pull into the living room. It wasn’t pleasant and it took the whole gang of us about a week to regain our strength. My husband, who NEVER takes time off work, ended up doing a couple half days of work (before they kicked him out because they didn’t want his plague), and even taking a day off a week after he first became ill to regain his strength. You know you are in bad shape when your cup of coffee feels too heavy in your hand and you have to lay it down. Yep, that was us there for a while. We hadn’t caught the real flu in five years, so I guess we were due for it. Meh, I guess it will keep our immune system strong.

After that, we set a deadline to get some fixing up done on the house (Tuesday of this week) and, of course, my husband worked every day between the day we made the deadline and the day we needed the work done. So I painted and cleaned like a mad women for four days straight and pretty much ended up with a pretty decent looking house, I must say. It would have been a good time to have some showings on the house, but alas, we have not had any yet. Fingers crossed a buyer will come with the warmer temperatures.

I did a week bit of  writing on facebook, but I’m not going to share here. I was feeling it at the time I wrote it. Not so much now. That is how dealing with depression goes. One day you feel good and think you deserve the world, and the next (and maybe several days after, or a week, or you know, whatever) you think you just aren’t at all good enough. Maybe one day, I will feel truly well and have that feeling last long term, but I’m not there yet.

Lots and lots of reading happened this week. I’ve found out that I can actually sleep, and sleep all night, if I read until I cannot keep my eyes open anymore. This means that I read until the wee hours in the morning. I’m enjoying Wilkie Collins right now, and started with The Woman in White. People really did know how to write back in the 1800s and the works from that era are much more pleasant to read than most of what it out there these days. I don’t want to sound critical, but the writing was so much more rich and full. I think we’ve lost that over the years and it’s all go, go, go in modern fiction. I do believe that I will stick to the 1800s for a while. It’s good stuff. So maybe I won’t write during my insomnia filled night, which was my original plan. I guess we’ll see.

I’m going to try my hardest to be here somewhat regularly over the next while, but you know that I always say that, don’t I?

Until next time.



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