My son told me today that I should write.

I am not so sure.

He says that I would be good at it. We had a bit of a chuckle when I asked him what I would write about. We’d been watching a vlogger on youtube that posts a video EVERY day about his various adventures (or sometimes, lack there of). What would I write about? Doing the kitty litter and wiping poopy bums? Yeah, he agreed that those topics might not be the best idea, but that I could certainly find something interesting to write about.

I’ve spent the last weekend going through all my old e-mails (yes, from waaaaaaay back over 15 years ago right up the the present time). A topic that came up regularly was my writing and what I was doing with that. I guess that at one point I’d thought that I had something valuable to say and that I had the words to express those feelings. I’d also regularly write fiction and thought that maybe one day I’d finish a manuscript and maybe, just maybe, get published somewhere.

So many years have passed since I was that person. I pretty much gave up writing almost fourteen years ago when I met my husband. I’d tried from time to time, and of course, I’ve sort of kept a blog (or two), but I’ve felt that my writing was always strained and not very authentic anymore. I don’t really now what happened, but I repeated over and over again to people that the worlds just didn’t flow anymore.

Since I’ve been dealing with pretty significant insomnia, I’ve decided that maybe I would make use of those hours to post something on here as regularly as I can.

I’m warning you now that I am coming from a place of pretty significant isolation and I’m trying to get my stuff back together as it has been a rather rough go for the last, well, while. I’m not sure what is going to come out here. Maybe I’ll be authentic or maybe I’ll try my hand at creative writing. I really don’t know where I want to go with this. I do know that my son thinks that I have things that are worth saying, I think. Maybe he likes my daily musings, or maybe he thinks that if I am busy I’ll get off his back and let him program in peace. Who knows?

I just know that maybe it is worth giving it a go.


Friday Fave Five (A Few Days Late)

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 12.22.48 PMI haven’t taken part in this for quite a while, but as I am taking a bit of a break from all other social media I figured I could take some time for this blog as it was one point my baby. I sharing five good moments or blessings from the last week and I encourage you to do the same. You can share them over at Living to Tell the Story as well. I cannot believe how long Susanne has been able to keep it up. You are amazing and you’ve blessed many with this idea!

1. Supportive friends. I’m not even sure if this was part of this week or last, but I did have a good friend reach out to me when I was struggling, who told me to just keep plugging on. I was discouraged by the lack of changes I’d seen and the inability to get any services in NB, but she gave me the courage to keep asking around. I also have several other ladies that have checked in on me over the last little while since I’ve disappeared from facebook. It is good to feel less isolated, but facebook hadn’t been doing it for me with the topics that were trending in the last while. I also got a call from my sister and it was nice to hear her voice. I hope that she’ll call me back at some point (but I don’t think anyone in my family particularly likes the phone).

2. Finding a nurse practitioner. Finding her quite pleasant was also nice. We’ve been without a doctor since we’ve moved here (and our family doctor in Cape Breton was a nightmare) so it was good to find someone nice and we will be able to see the doctor in her office should anything urgent ever come up. The benefits of a nurse practitioner are that she is much more readily available and she an do nearly all the same things as a doctor. I’m thinking that it would have been a pretty sweet job had I continued my studies. It was nice to talk to someone that realized that I was actually knowledgeable. I hate feeling like I’m being talked down to, when I am actually quite smart.

3. Children that know when they are going to be sick. So, so good. I am a complete puke o phobe, but I think we’ve good to the point where the children know when they are feeling off and can let us know. I am also thankful that whatever is up is very short lived and everyone seems right as rain this morning. Ah, the joys of actually getting out of the house in winter.

4. Getting out of the house in winter. Mike was off on Wednesday and we were able to go down to Amherst/Sackville. I had my appointment (yeah, a real in life person to talk to that isn’t my husband or children) and the kids had a chance to visit the library and take out a few books. They are so anxious to be able to visit the library regularly. It was their first time there since September. In Cape Breton we were at the library at least twice a week and usually more often. It was just a nice day that went well (overall).

5. A most awesome real estate agent. Too bad he isn’t the person that is (supposedly) trying to sell our house. We’ve had fun looking at houses in the Amherst area with him. We aren’t in a position to buy anything at the moment, but we are keeping our options open and looking at a few places (that could very well be on the market for quite a while longer). Fingers crossed that our place will sell at some point this spring/summer. Anyways, the realtor is knowledgeable, friendly, and has just been a pleasure to work with and that is a nice change.