The Empty Picture Frame

We like to keep it real here over at Real Life: Unscripted.

Last May a beautiful wee girl was added to our (extended) family when my brother in law and his wife welcomed their first child. Every day since then he has taken a photograph of his daughter and shared it in his #365sophie project on Facebook and his website (check him out, Sophie is just gorgeous – and he’s a pretty decent photographer :p ).

It is amazing that he has taken a photograph everyday. It is amazing that his ideas are all so wonderfully creative. It is amazing that he has somehow managed to figure out how to harness time and get more hours out of the day. It’s amazing that every photograph is magical and beautiful. However, what I am most amazed with it the fact that not only are to photographs taken, but they are printed and hung up in various locations in the their home. I actually see this quite often, printed and hung photography hanging on people’s walls. It seems to be the thing to do.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 12.37.36 PMAmazing, I say. You see, about 4 years ago when my husband and I were still doing small presents for each other for the holidays, I requested a picture frame so that we could print out some of our photos and hang that up (you see, I’m a pretty decent photographer myself when I actually put my mind to it). My husband asked me what I intended to do with it and I told him I’m print off some photos and hang it on the wall, of course. Somehow, however, that frame is still sitting empty in storage (and it true real life fashion has received a few dings in our moves).  I find excuse after excuse not to send away for prints. I avoid going through the photos looking for the memories I want to preserve and hang on the wall. I just can’t seem to do it. I really have no idea why that picture frame has been destined to sit empty, but that has been the case thus far. There’s something holding me back. The only print photos I have of my children are those taken by my brother in law when he was just starting out. My goal this year is to change that. I know it doesn’t seem like much, as it could be done in an afternoon if I put my mind to it. However, it feels bigger than that and  I’m pretty sure I will continue to let this drag on.

Is there anyone else out there has a hard time showcasing their beautiful children? Maybe it’s that word- showcase – like I am putting their life on display. I don’t know what it is, but I intend to change it this year. Maybe I need to leave it up the the children to choose their favourite photos. Hmmmm, ramblings…….but yeah, am I the only one without any print pictures of their children?


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