Wizzy Gizmo ~ A Mosaic Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review Wizzy Gizmo’s Fast Track Bible Pack as part of Home & School Mosaics. My oldest son was once very much interested in the Bible and while we aren’t doing formal Bible studies this year, I thought that he would still be interested in looking at this product. There were a couple of different options to choose from, but because my son was older we decided to go with The Fast Track Bible Pack as it would give him more to work with over time. Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 7.51.41 PM The Fast Track Bible pack gives you child an overview of the New Testament by teaching them about the main themes of each book though informative cards. On one  side you are given more general information about the book and an overview of what you will learn about as you read it. The information is divided into sections:

  • It’s position in the New Testament;
  • The number of chapters;
  • The author (if known);
  • The date of writing;
  • The theme and and an overview.

The reverse side includes even more information for further study , including:

  • An outline,
  • The key chapters (and there relevance);
  • Key passages;
  • Key doctrines;
  • Key people.

While we are not actively doing bible studies this year I appreciate these cards as occasionally questions come up in some of our other work or we are talking about values and it’s nice to be able to use these cards to find relevant passages in the Bible when we need to. I love that each book comes with it’s overall theme outlined. I can see us using these cards to help us with a more complete study in the future. I am thinking that it would be nice to choose one card a week and spend time learning more about God through the stories by looking up that passages and talking about the kep points. The wheels are turning and I am sure that I will come up with a way to use these in our homeschool in the new year.  My son goes through stages of being very interested in Bible studies and I am sure that they bright coloured and logically organized cards will very much appeal to him. For 14.99$US these are definitely worth having in our homeschool. In addition to The Fast Track Bible Pack, Wizzy Gizmo has a number of other resources for Christian Studies including:

  • Who Created Everything (both an audio CD and book)
  • In his Image

Both of these resources sound very interesting as well and from reading some of the other reviews on Home & School Mosaics I am strong considering purchasing them for my younger crew. For more information on Wizzy Gizmo be sure to check them out on social media.

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