Autumn Update

Things are going well on the home front. We’re back into the swing of things with homeschooling. Our studies are heavy on the history this year. We are studying Canada from the beginning right up to the present day and we are also studying the middle ages. I am trying to add a lot of hands on work as well as the children miss that. We are still using Further Up, Further In for English and enjoying the study of the Chronicles of Narnia. It is likely that this full curriculum will take us another TWO years, though. We move at a much slower place than the manual and look into things in more depth. Beyond that, we’ve been able to move from our summer studies in science to the Ecology I hoped to get to and that is going well, mainly due to the Wild Kratts, as the material is a little advanced for most 3rd-4th graders, but Morgaine and Ruadhan are both following along well because they have an EXCELLENT basis in animal behaviour and habitats. Beyond that, there’s math, and that’s pretty much the same ol’, same ol’. I keep thinking I’ll make a fun math Friday as my teachers in school sometimes did, but I haven’t actually gotten there yet.

Things are going well at Mike’s work. He’s was actually able to take a real vacation this year for the first time in years. It was nice to have him home, and have him really be present. That’s the beauty on  a 9-5 job that shuts off when you leave the office. He did, of course, stay busy with some other courses he is working on, but that’s alright. We had a little one with us for a couple weeks before she went back to her owner. It was fun to have Mike home the whole time the little one was with us, though. He was quite the doting “father”. We went on a VERY quick trek to Sydney Mines, cleaned like mad, and came home (all within 24 hours!). Other than that, we hung out and things were pretty quiet. It was just nice.

Things on the soap making front are going well. I sold pretty much every autumn soap I intended on selling and am hard are work on labelling my winter soaps. There are a couple that smell so yummy that I CANNOT wait for people to try. Beyond that, I’m not up to anything very exciting. We’ve realized that Cyndi is quite agile (before our wee guest she was a lazy bum) and I’m hoping to start working with her on basic agility commands with the hopes of joining the agility club in Moncton in the spring. After our friend went home we decided that Cyndi (and maybe the family) needed to have a permanent playmate (of our very own) and we found a lovely (giant) puppy to join us. Our family is very much complete and we are very happy (so any naysayers, don’t bother, please).

We’re doing some renos on our home that will be beneficial if we stay here and beneficial if we decide to sell. We will see what the spring brings.

All in all, we’ve gotten into the groove and are doing well. We’ve set up some boundaries and we are rocking it. Living our lives as a wee family in the way that we want.

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