Oh, Soap Making!

So, I’ve been keeping myself a wee bit busy playing around with soap making and I am quite happy with how things are going. So much so that I am actually trying to sell some of my soaps on Etsy and various local groups. Sadly, Canada post thinks that a soap should cost about 15 dollars to ship (yes, a 100gm, just over 2cm wide soap) so I’ve given up on the idea of selling individual soaps (they’d have to be made out of gold!) I’m offering soap packages for 30 dollars shipping included instead and I am hope that I’ll be able to sell enough to keep myself supplied in soap making ingredients (I don’t ask for much, eh?).

You can check out my shop here.

I’ve created a blog, but it is rather spartan right now.

We’re loving this little family “business” and we just wanted to share with you!

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