Oh, Soap Making!

So, I’ve been keeping myself a wee bit busy playing around with soap making and I am quite happy with how things are going. So much so that I am actually trying to sell some of my soaps on Etsy and various local groups. Sadly, Canada post thinks that a soap should cost about 15 dollars to ship (yes, a 100gm, just over 2cm wide soap) so I’ve given up on the idea of selling individual soaps (they’d have to be made out of gold!) I’m offering soap packages for 30 dollars shipping included instead and I am hope that I’ll be able to sell enough to keep myself supplied in soap making ingredients (I don’t ask for much, eh?).

You can check out my shop here.

I’ve created a blog, but it is rather spartan right now.

We’re loving this little family “business” and we just wanted to share with you!


Enough: 10 Things we Should Tell Teenage Girls ~ Review and Giveaway

Over the years, a number of bloggers have come out with books based on of their blogs or sometimes even based on just one post that became particularly popular. This was the case for Kate Conner, who got a book deal after her post Ten Things I Want to Tell Teenage Girls  went viral. When I was given the opportunity to review this book, I was quite happy because within a few years I will have a teenage girls of my own in the house.

For me, this book started off on the wrong foot with the discussion of modesty. Oh dear! I found that Kate Conner alternated too much between, you should cover up to you should have to and everything in between and didn’t find that there was a very clear direction to the whole chapter. It can down to her saying, that if a woman draws attention to her looks (or her breasts) then that is what men will be drawn to and they’ll ignore the rest of the package and in time you’ll wonder where you went wrong. I personally, have a strong belief that men can focus on more than just breasts, but I don’t have to agree with everything the author wrote.

I was a little weary of the book after the first chapter, but in the end, I was very, very happy with it. Kate wrote with wit and humour and she did have excellent advice for teen girls (and well, all women, really). There were things that she pointed out that even I need to work on myself. The best place to start for my daughter is with myself after all! I think there were valuable lessons that I will share with my daughter as she continues to grow into a beautiful young women.

Here a couple of my favourite bits from the book:

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 11.17.55 AM


The bit about twitter and narcissism makes me laugh a little every time.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 11.19.02 AM


This one may seem a little bit counter intuitive (it is what we’ve all been told, isn’t it? “Follow your heart.”), but I loved the chapter explaining why this might not be such a good idea. You’ll have to pick up the book yourself to see why.

I’d love to give you the opportunity to read this book for yourself. All you need to do for a chance to win is leave me a message here telling me which young girl you would share the advice from this book with. One winner will be chosen at random on the evening of August 12th!