We Are Still Alive

Yes, amazing isn’t it?

We’ve not dropped off the edge of the earth.

Things are just pretty much the same ol’, same ol’ here.

We actually tend to get more things accomplished in school during the summer months (though. it is sad that we cannot work outside here or we’d be eating by mosquitoes). Morgaine is finishing up her grade 3 math workbook in anticipation of starting another 3rd grade workbook. Yes, the child needs extra practice and I don’t think she’ll mind – too much. Liam is just about finished his 7th grade math and will be moving to 8th.

We’re going strong with Canadian history and will be moving on to a more involved history of Canada within the next month. We will be mixing it up with ancient history next year as well. They’ll have a strong enough basis in Canadian history to be able to move between the two, I think.

Liam is working on a science text that he should finish in the next month (on the principles of matter) and then we will be moving on to ecology and then the human body. Morgaine is currently doing lapbooks for science this summer. She is working on the human body and then will be moving on to principle of matter. Yes, if I had been better organized I could have killed two birds with one stone. I do think that Morgaine has a strong enough basis in ecology (thank you Wild Kratts) to be able to follow along, more or less, with LIam’s ecology course, so we will likely do that in August/September before moving on.

English is rather hit and miss this summer. We were doing spelling, but we somehow didn’t start back up after the inlays visited. It is rather boring *yawn*. Morgaine will write occasionally, but her spelling is still rather scary. I’m wondering what happened to good ol’ phonics books. It is likely what she needs. Sbe reads very well now, but spelling is challenging. I have a hard time understanding because as soon as Liam could read, he could spell and he did not really need spelling instruction. He knew if the work looked right. It’s okay, though, I know she will get it when she is ready. We are occasionally doing Further Up and Further In, but I am a wee bit disappointed by it. It is a bit Bible heavy and we really are having a hard time staying engaged with it. Liam went from loving it when we started to wondering what the real point of it is. It’s a good story and all, but the study is rather disjointed. I do think that we will put effort into getting it done come September, but that we’ll finish up the book we are on a give it a break until then.

Beyond that, a lot a creativity and art. A fair bit of program. Liam has made a little online friend that he chats with and plays minecraft with from time to time. They are so cute and have a lot of similarities. Ruadhan is doing well. He is really into crafting in the last three days and that is a nice change from him always wanting to be on one of the iGadgets. Work is going well for Mike. I have started some studies of my own and that is going well.

Ha, ha, a rather boring posts, but that is about what is going on in our lives right now. I told you same ol’, same ol’.


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