Making Plans and All that Jazz

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 6.28.35 PMIt has been over ten years since I have started to look into holistic health programs. I’ve always felt that the key to living a healthy life is through prevention and otherwise treating the body (and soul) gently when things come up. I’ve done short classes here and there over the years (the Alternative Medicine College of Canada, Vintage Remedies), but have found myself longing for more (most notably the freedom to travel to Europe where there are actually proper schools for homeopathy and herbalism, but yeah, that will be in another life time). Over the past several years I have given myself fully to my children and as a result (at least partially) my health and mood have been suffering. While I do enjoy teaching my children at home and feel it is in important and worthwhile thing to do, it isn’t easy. I’ve been really feeling the pull to start working on my own personal goals again. I will not always be a homeschooling mom. Within ten years (TEN YEARS!!!) two of my three children will be mostly grown and off on pursuits of their own. I also think it is important that I don’t make a martyr out of myself, by being the one to do everything for my family while totally neglecting my own wellbeing. It’s so challenging to be the one and only (more or less) and without taking time to recharge myself by doing something that gives me energy and life I can see myself ending up feeling really resentful and well, just generally unwell. The desire to be doing more, was just slowly eating away at me on the inside.

So, despite a whole lot of fear and uncertainty, I have made a promise to do everything I can to allow myself to take the Registered Holistic Nutritionist program through The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I believe that this is a career that I can make work even if I live a bit aways from most people. There is so much consulting that can be done online these days and there are so many people out there that need support in slowing making changes in their diets to benefit from lasting change. There is so much food out there that would be more rightly called food like and it saddens be to see a whole generation of people that don’t really know about real food, not to mention how to cook it. We are used to everything being quick and easy and I want to bring people back into their kitchen (with there children) where they can see that it doesn’t have to be near as complicated as it seems to be.  My husband and I have thought about me offering little seminars or classes at farmer’s markets, but I really feel that I want and need to complete more studies to feel comfortable doing so.

Unfortunately, being a real school, The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition is rather expensive so I will have to work to slowly get the money that I need to start these studies. With that in mind, I have decided that I will give becoming an independent distributor of essential oils through Young Living. Essential oisl have always been a passion for me and I spent quite some time making lotions and massage oils when my middle child was just wee. Unfortunately, my oils had a mishap when we moved in 2009 and I just never restocked them. I am looking forward to getting back into it. I would love to talk to you about how essential oils could work in your life. I hope that given time, I will be able to make up the tuition that I need to attend The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, but I am not expecting miracles and I will be happy just to be doing something that brings me joy as I work towards this goal. Please take a look at the Young Living site and let me know if there is anything that interests you or if you’d just like to chat about essential oils. You can also find me and more information on Young Living and essential oils in general on facebook (give me some time, the page is less than 24 hours old, but I’m hoping for good things!)

I am also still an independent consultant with Epicure Selections and am still in love with their products. You can check out my personal website and order directly from it with the items shipped directly to you (as always) if you are in Canada. I’d be happy to answer any questions and still believe that their spice blends make healthy eating easy and flavourful.

I will use any of the money I receive from either of these ventures to go towards my further education so if you want to give a girl a hand while treating yourself to high quality products it would be so much appreciated. I would love to talk to you about either of these companies (and as always, I welcome your questions about health and nutrition and am happy to chat, even without a few extra letters after my name!)


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