Tomorrow is the Day

Tomorrow I am going in for a procedure; a simple two minute procedure that should have been completed nearly two years ago. I’m finally having an endometrial biopsy. The endometrial biopsy that is supposed to be done when a woman comes in with undiagnosed mid cycle spotting/bleeding. For eight months in 2012, I fought hand, tooth, and nail (and subjected myself to needless GI testing) in an attempt to get a second opinion from a gynecologist. You can read the beginnings of that story here. You can also read some of the ridiculous comments made to me at Atlantic Canada’s major trauma and emergency center that I took a 5 hour trip to because I was sure that I would be taken seriously there (and was the first night, until they sent in a neurologist to see me the next day) here.  I did learn some things that you can read about here. However, in the end, I never got the opportunity to see a gynecologist – even when abnormalities were found on CT. The last that I saw of my family doctor was her passing me a referral to see a psychiatrist for my hysteria. I was looking forward to seeing that psychiatrist with my medical results and my pictures and measurements, but we moved and after a few months on trial birth control (where I bleed constantly), I felt I was doing better. Yes, there was swelling and pain. There was some mid cycle spotting sometimes – but by the end of my 8 month fight for a doctor, I’d gone from mid cycle spotting to definite mid cycle bleeding  most months and going back to spotting some months definitely seemed to be improvement.

Flash forward to January 2014, when I have two near hemorrhages within two weeks of my period. The second time I highball it into emergency. Within an hour, the emergency room doctor has an actual gynecologist on the line (imagine that!). I start hormones that definitely slow the bleeding some, but do not stop it and am seen a couple weeks later by the gynecologist (which I have been told is surprising…the emergency room expected to see me back there before I was seen by gynecology). It took him all of two minutes to tell me that the first thing that is done whenever there is midcycle bleeding is an endometrial biopsy. Duh. I knew that, but I couldn’t find someone to do it. A simple pelvic exam revealed uterine “abnormalities” that would be consistent with abnormal bleeding  (and oddly enough, those CT results, go figure) and I got the comment “of course, we would expect sometimes heavy bleeding in cases like this”. He also felt that there was the possibility of endometriosis on the top outside of the uterus (oh, yeah, I never would have suspected endomentriosis. *head desk*).

I’ve had three weeks from that appointment and I’ll admit that there have been times where I have driven myself crazy with the “what ifs”, especially when my bleeding increased substantially when I changed my hormones over to his “miracle” variety that would have me no longer bleeding with one dose. I worried about the time it took to be seen and taken seriously. I mean something showed on a CT in October 2012. Whatever that was could have spread or grown, couldn’t it? What if my husband’s fears of 2012 were true (he was pretty convinced it was cancer and the doctors were going to let me die)? I’ve had a couple mostly sleepless nights. I’ve talked myself back down to a more rational place now and my husband and I talked through the “what ifs” and am a pretty convinced that they will find a very simple hyperplasia that can easily be taken care of (though, my doctor did stress that if I remained unresponsive to hormone treatment that a hysterectomy would be the next step (and said doctor’s receptionist made me feel like I wasn’t doing my part by continuing to bleed when their miracle drug increased the bleeding “Don’t you know he is just trying to save your uterus?” Uh, yes, sorry, I’ll just tell my body to just stop bleeding for him).

I am so, so, so, so ready for this to be over. This simple test, that should have been done nearly two years ago, better bring me answers. No matter what, though, I will so, so, so, so be encouraging women to keep going at their doctors if they do not think they are getting the care they need. I have read sooooooo many stories were young women were dismissed and things did not go well for them. This will not be the case for me (I’m totally into the simple solution to a simple condition right now), but it has to stop for all of out there. We are women. We know our bodies. LISTEN TO US!


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