Schedule, Here We Come!

Oh, Schedule, what a love/hate relationship we have! I know I have left you out in the cold, but I am ready to let you back in – slowly and carefully, if you are willing to be somewhat flexible.

Yesterday, as I was preparing supper, I got to chatting with Liam. He’s been having a hard time regulating his computer usage (he is working on a very interesting project, but it has been interfering with his motivation for some of his other projects and schoolwork). We were trying to brainstorm ideas that would help and we decided that a schedule would likely be the best bet. So with our roast in the oven we sat down to work out a plan that would work for all of us.

Here’s what we came up with for Liam:

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.25.48 AM

Breakfast – Breakfast includes getting dressed, making beds, putting dirty clothes in hamper.

Mealtimes include eating politely at the table, picking up plates and feeding scraps to the dog (or putting them in the garbage).

Daily planning – A time to talk over the goals for the day and the chores that need getting done. Children can share their ideas for projects and whatever else they may want to share.

Further Up and Further In – We hope to cover two chapters in Narnia each week, including those activities we choose to do. There can include art, science (animal and plant notebook), bible studies, history (mostly reports), and writing/vocab. Extra activities from The Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study.

Science  – Physics topics from Concepts and Challenges in Science 2 (not the exact book/course, but by the same company but all combine in one book). Morgaine will follow along. Liam will complete the written assignments. This will be supplemented with Science in Ancient Times and Science in the Middle Ages (for extra experiments and more advanced work…the text for Concepts and Challenges is pretty basic).

History Courage and Conquest for both children. Liam has completed this, but it will be a good review before we move into a move in depth study.

Cursive – practice for both children.

FrenchLe Fancais Facile for both children and likely Ruadhan, too.

Mathematics – Liam is currently working on Nelson Mathematics 7 and will move to Nelson Mathematics 8 within a month or two. Mom will include extra activities (logic puzzles and games) from the various math curriculum give to us (Friday Fun Math).

Free Reading – Liam can choose to read whatever we would like.

ProgrammingScratch (often used to create supplements to out Narnian studies in addition to other projects and game development) and 4Mod (a Scratch mod that Liam is developing on his own that will teach others about Squeak and Smalltalk while still adding things that are very useful [such as capital blocks and exponential equation type advanced functions])


  • Dishes once a day at lunch time.
  • Prepare supper on Thursdays.
  • Feed dog (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday)
  • Feed cats (Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday)
  • Pick up after oneself.
  • Make sure library books make it back to the library shelf.
  • Clean up bathroom after shower/bath and teeth.

Morgaine’s schedule is very much similar. She has extra help in English scheduled in during some of the free time and will certainly use the free time for playing or artistic endeavours. She has a few more chores as she eagerly jumped on the idea of helping me out with things. I am soooooooo glad that they are able to do most of their subjects together. Last time I made a schedule, Liam’s was very different from Morgaine’s and we were running all around Sydney Mines for various activities. This schedule should be relatively easy to follow.


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