If You Are Looking for Me….

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 5.01.07 PM You won’t find me on facebook – at least not for a while. Faceboook is an interesting phenomena. You can look into a moment of time. It is so easy to take a peak into someone’s life. We’ve gotten used to these quick glimpses – the 2 second status update, the picture of the weather (or what was eaten for breakfast), the selfie, the check in from a location. It’s always nice to hear what people are doing, but I found myself loosing patience for articles I really wanted to read. If they didn’t get to the point in about 30 seconds my attention would wonder. I swear that facebook has completely messed with my attention span and that reason alone was enough for me to say, “Okay, time for a break!” I’ve starting logging into my professional account and training my brain to focus on articles (both scholarly and more lighthearted) because there is too much good stuff on there to pass up.

That being said, though, it was also time to take a break just to spend some time focusing on myself and my family. I go through times regularly where I get caught up in conversations or drama online and it is just a time suck. I value my opinions and trying to get them across to others that aren’t willing to listen to them is just not worth my energy. I’ve also encountered a number of stories (and pictures) in my newsfeed that are highly disturbing and sometimes a more sensitive soul just needs to bury their head in the sand to be able to keep from saying, “What kind of world have I brought my children into?” There is so much craziness out there.

I expect that I will likely be back more actively when the snow melts away and the world warms up. I will have the beauty of the world coming alive to balance out the coldness and distance that the internet sometimes is. I have yet to decide whether I will keep my personal account or not. I am quite enjoying the energy of my professional account when I log in from time to time and I am contemplating adding a trusted few to that profile. I can see myself using facebook as a tool as opposed to a way to really connect with people. I’m going to try some old fashioned snail mail and e-mails to keep in touch. Do people, outside of a work environment actually e- mail anymore or is communication all done by the newfangled texting? We shall see!

There’s a fair possibility that I will be around here more, but there are no guarantees. I do not know what work, if any, I will make public as I work on my spring awaken. I do hope to keep up better with what the little family is doing, but like always, I may actually spend more time living life than writing about it.

I know that most of my readers actually make it here via facebook, but I assume that if anyone is wondering where I am they will hope on over here. So, yes, taking a break, but I do intend to be back (whatever that may look like) within a couple months.


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