Friday’s Fave Five ~ February 21st, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 5.02.08 PMIt’s been a long winter, so I figured it was time to share some blessings this week. I’m linking up to one of my favourite bloghops this weeek and I hope you will join me at Living to Tell the Story to share 5 of your favourite moments of the week.

1. Wonderful neighbours. I count this as a blessing every day. This week our lovely neighbour took the kids out to build snowmen when I was feeling under the weather. They all had a blast, the neighbour included. Her husband has also come a few times in the past week to plough out our driveway. So nice to have people care (and people that we can care about and for too). I’m loving the back and forth of the relationship. It makes our two little houses in the middle of nowhere seem like a community.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 2.29.08 PM

I absolutely adore the reindeer snowman dude with glasses.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 2.28.55 PM

The kid is pretty cute, too.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 2.29.30 PM

Liam, who finds is hard to be serious for too long. The snowman matches his personality perfectly. Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 2.29.47 PM

Morgaine obviously had to make a gorgeous lady snow person. She and the neighbour worked hard on this lovely lady. 

2. Things moving ahead smoothly with Mike’s new employment at the CIBC. The drive is long (and expensive), but the people he works with are nice and pretty much all the paper work is out of the way for the benefits and whatnot that come with a bank job. It will be so good to have medical and dental insurance again!

3. Having a mini date with Mike and the little one while the kids were at a library program. Sure, we did groceries at Costco, but it gives me hope for the future if we end up again to move to Moncton. It was nice to see programming for the children (though I was surprised that there were not more kids). Liam and Morgaine were thrilled as they so rarely get to see anyone since we’ve moved. It was also fun to look at the bulletin boards and see a list of all the various groups and events around Moncton. It would be nice if we could make our way down there in the next 2 or 3 years.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 5.39.11 PMThis book for thing 4 and 5 – The Procrastinating Child by Rita Emmett. The book is pretty basic, but at the same time it has given me a kick in the boots to….

4. ….Get my own procrastination under control by working with my children. Several times time week I have given the children a goal at the same time as I give myself one and when we are done we do something together. I don’t do near enough one on one things with my children and I think that they are liking that as a reward for getting stuff done and I am liking that it is motivating me to get my work done as well. I think it helps the kids to see that I have goals, too, since I don’t usually mention them (“Hey, it’s not just me getting sent off to do work unfairly, she’s doing stuff, too!”)

5. …..really look at the role fear has in my life.  I read the chapter on procrastinating out of fear today and it really shone a light on how much fear there has always been in my life and how it pretty much controls me all the time. I won’t talk to people….they might reject me. I won’t start a project…I probably won’t finish (failure). I won’t advertise my business….people might want me services and what if I’m not good enough (success mixed with what if I can’t do it). I won’t say what’s on my mind….people might think I’m stupid. I won’t make a decision….I might make the wrong one. This has been me since probably as long as I’ve been alive. The struggle is something that I live with every single day and while I’ve made progress the fact that every fear that the author listed is something I still deal with regularly is startling and I want to start working on changing that. So yeah, I’m thankful for this one even if it means some work!


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five ~ February 21st, 2014

  1. First off, I really laughed when I saw the wonderful snowmen.your children and neighbor made. Each one was a delight and so personalized. It looked like the pieces came from a ki – something similar to Mr Potato Head. Is that right? If yes, what a great idea someone had.

    I had a problem with procrastination this week too (more than usual). Therefore I put my chores on a BINGO card and was able to motivate myself.. And I wrote about it as my FFF.

    What a great thing to work on – the fear behind your procrastination. I am hoping and will pray that you see the lies and have the strength and power to change those thoughts which are true and the ones that aren’t.

    Have a great week.

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