Reading Eggs ~ Review and Read-a-Thon

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I am pleased to have the opportunity today to introduce you to an online virtual world aimed at helping your child learn to read. Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress have been developed as a fun and interactive way to teach reading skills to your 3-12 year olds. There is also a math section called Mathseeds to explore.

When we first got the program I signed up my eight year old daughter. She has only been reading fluently for about a year and anything that makes reading more exciting for her is always good as she can be somewhat of a reluctant reader. She very much enjoyed the stories that were presented to her in the Reading Express program and I was glad to see her enjoying some non fiction books as well.

She enjoyed exploring her Floating Island and visiting the following areas:

  • The library – Offering books on a variety of topics, from science to animals, myths, art, and fantasy just like a regular library. Books can be filtered by age and each book ends with a comprehension quiz. Your child will be rewarded golden eggs and a trading card for each book that they complete.
  • The Comprehension Gym – Where your child can play daily games, read books and complete activities to test their comprehension (I even had fun with some of these games!)
  • The Studium – Your child can play against other players (or the computer) in challenges that test spelling, grammar, vocab and freestyle usage.
  • The Mall and Appartment – Where you can spend your golden eggs to buy clothes, pets, apartment items and more.

My daughter, who is not competitive, spent most of her time reading books and doing the quizzes in the library and then using her eggs to buy pets for her apartment. She also really enjoyed collecting the trading cards that you are given when you read a book. She did spend some time at the comprehension gym, but found the stadium to be a little bit above her reading ability so she only played with others a few times over the course of the review period.

Overall, she really enjoyed Reading Express and has been bugging me to buy her a year long membership, which we are considering, but would want her to spend more time in The Gym and Stadium as they have a lot to offer as well.

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Because my daughter enjoyed Reading Eggspress so much, I decided that I would activate a Reading Eggs account for my three and a half year old son, Ruadhan. Reading Eggs is the beginner’s program and as my son has no reading experience we started him off at the very beginning without taking the placement quiz (my daughter took the quiz for fun and it placed her pretty accordingly to her skill level, so if you have a reader already then this is a good step). I was excited to see what Ruadhan would think about a reading program of his very own.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 9.21.40 AMWe choose to use Reading Eggs on the iPad (it is also available on Android) as my son is most familiar with that platform. Quickly and easily, Ruadhan was off on an adventure with Sam the Ant. On his first day, he learned about the letter sounds of “m” and “s” and was able to complete the leaning activities with limited help from his older sister. I personally loved it as I have a love hate relationship with electronics and if my little one’s are using it then I want them to be getting something out of it. It warmed my heart to see my two younger kids working together on this program. I asked my son today what he thought of this program and he said, “Well, I kinda liked it.” He did not seem too thrilled when I asked him if he wanted to play on it some more. I do think that he would come and join me rather quickly were I to put it on and start to use it myself. He is likely a little bit on the younger age for this program and we do not push academics on our little kids, so it likely isn’t something that we will be trying to encourage him to use regularly, but I do feel that for families that want their little ones to learn to read at an early age that this is a wonderful app.

You can purchase Reading Eggs (including Reading Eggspress and Mathseeds) for 49.95$US for a 6 month subscription or 69$US for a year long subscription. I invite you to check it out and get your own 5 week free Trial by following this link. We have been very happy over all with what we have seen.

There is more good news!

The Reading Eggs Read-To-Cure Challenge

From February 3 to March 7 your child can join thousands of children across the United State taking part in the Reading Eggs Read-To-Cure Challenge – an effort to inspire children to read while raising funds for The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS).

All money raised will help provide financial, emotional, and educational support for children and families battling childhood cancer. Learn more here.

All you have to do is sign up for a 5 week FREE trial of Reading Eggs and encourage your child to read as many books and complete as many lessons as they can. Friends and family can sponsor your child’s efforts and money raised will go to the NCCS. You child will be set up with their own personal sponsorship page on the Reading Eggs website.

In addition to encouraging your child to read and support a worthy cause, there are prizes up for grabs for the 3 children who read the most books and raise the most money.

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*NCCS will earn a minimum of $25,000 from Reading Eggs plus 100% of the donations collected by RTCC participants

I invite you to find out more at the Reading Eggs Website. You can also check out other reviews at Home and School Mosaics.


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