Letters Home

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 7.23.32 PM While Further Up and Further In recommends studying The Chronicles of Narnia in chronological order starting with The Magician’s Nephew, it just wasn’t working for me. So after doing two chapters of The Magician’s Nephew I decided to start the course over beginning with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and working our way through in order of publication. I am much happier now.

On Thursday, we started to talk about WWII and how some children had to leave the city during the war to go to the country where it was safer. We read several excerpts from Too Young to Fight – Memories From Our Youth During World War II and the children got a feel for what it would be like to have to suddenly leave home. We have also been reading Naomi’s Road so that we can discuss how the war affected people here in Canada. The children were shocked to hear about the Japanese Canadian internment, obviously not a proud moment in Canadian history, but I do hope to teach them about some of our finer moments as well. It is important that the children learn about both the good and less than pleasant moments of our history.

After we completed our reading, I had the children pretend that they were sent from London to live in the country and I wanted to share Liam’s (10) letter with you.

October 1939

Dear Mom and Dad:

I really miss you! I can’t believe I had to leave home. Now I’m stuck in some house with a few people who aren’t very appealing to me. I feel like I’ve been here forever, even though it has only been about two weeks. The house I moved into is fairly large. I counted a bathroom on both floors, 3 bedrooms, a storage, and a huge living room on the first floor. I also found a kitchen and dining room on the second floor, and a basement that I am forbidden to enter.

So the house is nice, but I find that the family isn’t so much. It consists of a father, mother, and 2 children. The mother’s name is Mary, and the father’s is Peter. The boy’s name is Tom and the sister’s name is Terry. Mary, Peter and Tom aren’t very nice to me. Terry is kind, though. I have to sleep in the storage room because the bedrooms are already occupied by the others. Terry suggested I sleep in her room, but the parents didn’t think that would be good. I have no idea why they don’t think well of us being together.

It’s pretty simple how each day goes. We get up, then stay in our rooms until eight o’ clock. We have breakfast at eight thirty, and if we haven’t finished breakfast by nine o’ clock, then we just don’t eat. After breakfast, the parents and Tom go listen to the wireless for news. Terry and I don’t find the news very interesting, so we go to Terry’s room which is full of books. I can’t understand why the news would be interesting to anybody who has other things to do. Can’t we just keep the wireless on and listen in whenever there are important things going on?

I really, really miss you. I don’t know if this mail will ever get to you, or if you will have the time to read it, but I hope it does. Bye!


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