Three Things Thursday – January 9th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 9.47.34 AMI’m linking up with Heidi’s Head to share three more things about myself this week. If you would like to share three little random tidbits about yourself on your blog, be sure to link up as well. I always love meeting new people and/or finding out new things about old friends!

  1.  I am never, ever satisfied with our homeschooling plans (or lack of plans). I will probably doubt myself until the day they graduate from high school. All three of my children are very bright and talented and I get to learn all about many different types of homeschooling methods and curriculum because of my uncertainty.
  2. I never really intended to homeschool, but one day my husband was walking though a bookstore and noticed all the workbooks and schooling materials and told me that he thought I would make an excellent teacher. I’d just meet a couple homeschoolers via the internet and that started my journey. Despite all of the resources at that bookstore, I have never ever purchased anything for homeschooling there.
  3. My favourite part of homeschooling is reading and working outside in the sunshine (and of course, letting them play and explore,  getting insanely dirty). For this reason, we tend to take more time “off” over the winter months and tend to do more in the summer. I have to say that the mosquitoes were very much a hinderance to that plan this last summer, though, so we are taking less breaks over the winter as my plans to enjoy books under the trees on picnic blankets doesn’t work as well here as it did in town. Maybe in time we’ll build a gazebo or something so that we can work outside without being eaten alive!

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 10.16.49 AMMy homeschooling theory is always, always let them get messy (so long as I can hose them off before they come in….I still have hang ups on messes in the house…..uh, glitter *shudders*) 


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