A Blanket of Emotion

Oh boy! A new year is upon as and this year I am taking it upon myself to start (and finish!) a new year long project. I’ve been knitting and crocheting for many years now and when a homeschooling acquaintance posting a link to a year long Instagram challenge I decided to jump on board. The goal is to crochet a square or row of a blanket each day for 365 days, selecting a colour to correspond with how you were feeling throughout the day. At the end of the year you end up with a completed blanket that you can wrap yourself in as well as a keepsake that reflects your year in emotions. Many people are also choosing to keep a journal as they go along which makes the project all the more special.

As I get rather bored with granny squares (no, not really, I just hate joining them), I decided that I would create a zigzag blanket as my project and today, after an excursion to the craft store, I was finally able to begin. My goal is to have each coloured row (will likely make it two or three rows, though) represent a week, with each day taking about 29-30 stitches. Each week will have a cream coloured division row between it.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 8.46.20 PMWeek one is almost completed.

The colours and emotions that I’ve chosen to highlight in this project are:

  • Happy/Content (things are going along pretty smooth in my life) – Pink
  • Accomplished (man, I did good today) – Purple
  • Hopeful (I feel like good things could happen) – Yellow (I may need another similar emotion to pair with this one, hopeful is not a very frequent emotion on it’s own)
  • Playful/Silly (for those days were I dance around and sing in my living room) -Magenta
  • Angry/Frustrated (ugh, especially if I’m letting the rage out and projecting on others – Red
  • Tired/Discouraged (the times when the rage and blah gets all held in and I just feel like nothing is ever going to change – Grey
  • Sad/Lonely (oh, I really wish I had people to give me a big ol’ hug or to have a cup of tea) – Turquoise

I tend to be a little bit of a yeller so my goal for the year (as you know, a resolution or something) is to get the point that the red patches are few and far between. May my blanket be filled with pink, purple, magenta, and yellow!

If you would like to join up please follow mummy_stacey on Instagram or choose some colours and get crocheting. You can share using #crochetmoodblanket2014 on both instagram and Facebook. There is also a Facebook group which you can find here.

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