It is AMAZING to be Back

I know that this little corner of the blogging world is basically unknown, but I’ve missed it. For a recap, I’be been blogging for quite a while now and I started this particular blog to just be myself and not worry about being perfect or gaining a following. I did, however, take a reviewing position that required me to keep track of stats (or it was supposed to) so I moved back to my old Mama Manuscripts home. However, things are changing again and I will no longer be reviewing. As my domain is expiring this month and I am no longer feeling my Mama Manuscripts identity, I’ve found my way back to Real Life: Unscripted.

I don’t have any real intention for this blog at the moment and I think that I like it that way. I can tell you that I will no longer be reviewing unless it is something that I choose to write about on my own. I’ll likely be pretty open with my thoughts, because this is my own space, so if you don’t like them, then that’s okay, you can choose not to read. Things are sometimes challenging and occasionally I feel like running away screaming and I might even say that here. My life certainly isn’t perfect, but it is always interesting. I probably have things to say, and when I know what they are I’ll have a place to write them!

I look forward to seeing where this journey leads. Wishing you and yours all the best in 2014!

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