Weekly Update – February 8th, 2013

We’ve survived our first week alone – give or take a couple days.

This week was about learning to just relax in my skin a little. I took a bath in the middle of the day just because I could. Instead of stressing about getting the house all organized, I decided that my goal was to get it a little cleaner, more organized than the previous day. Taking it a little chunk at a time I’ll still be able to get it all organized by the time Mike arrives to stay and I might even be able to come up with a daily plan to keep up with certain areas. I’ve taken to going to be early and reading. It is nice and it is also something that I want to keep in the habit of doing.

Ruadhán is doing well. He is adjusting to the new place, but is still a little clingy. He doesn’t shut up (eek, can I say that about my child? Talks a lot doesn’t quite seem to cover the constant chatter). Here’s a little gem from last night:

Ruadhán yawns.

Me: You might be getting tired.

Ruadhán: I’m not tired. I’m just stretching my mouth so I can say real important big words.

Yep, you have to love him.

I’ve decided that for the rest of this year we’re going to keep a relaxed approach to homeschooling. Yes, it will be over a year where we’ve taken things slow, but there have been many changes and there’s a lot to be said for taking the time to adjust and explore your new area.

This week Liam pulled out an old science experiment book so we did an experiment on sound waves (which is what we’d been studying in our last science course until the book vanished into thin area). We also did this:


What is he doing?


Homemade ice cream, of course! It was good for a first attempt. It is too bad that so much leaked. I wonder if we can use a mason jar next time.

We have a few little friends sharing our home with us.


Do you think we’ll have hundreds come the spring?

I had Liam write a small research paper on ladybugs because he hasn’t looked anything up in an encyclopedia in months.

I asked Morgaine to write a creative story but then she wrote a factual text instead about when I found a fly in my coffee cup!

There are supposed to be images of these things, but I do not have a camera that is very dependable at the moment and I have no desire to fight with it for the next 45 minutes.

Morgaine was very proud to have read Pompeii: Buried Alive because it is a Step into Reading level 4 book. There are days when she easily reads and other days when she struggles through ever single word. She spent a lot of time dancing around and making up stories this week. She is AMAZING with her little brother, though her and Liam have their moments! She is prone to tantrums and this week has been pretty good over all. *fingers crossed*

Liam is fascinated with computer programing so we had him restart a computer programming course he start earlier this year, Code Academy. He has been focusing on JavaScript. He has been using Python on Khan Academy and has created a whole bunch of programs (some are his own and some are spin offs from other’s codes). He has been asking intelligent questions on the site and giving other programmers feedback that has been helpful. While I don’t have a clue what he is doing, he seems to know a lot. He and Morgaine have also been watching a lot of videos from MIT + K12. Lots of cool videos on a variety of topics. I’m actually not sure what we are going to do when we go to limited downloads. Videos will certainly be out and we do a whole chunk of our learning that way!

Well, that’s about it. I’m about to head odd to have a picnic (interior picnic, of course) with the kids and then hear out for a cold excursion to the mailbox. Have a lovely weekend!


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