My Big Girl Tool Kit

IMG_1131  Well, it has happened. I’ve been left to fend for the family in the cold, harsh New Brunswick winter. Mike stayed as long as he could to be sure that the house was up and running. When I told him that I didn’t expect any surprises he said, “ALWAYS expect surprises!”

Then he took me down into the bowels of the house to give me to tour. Seriously, there’s a reason that real estate agents don’t take pictures of the basement! I still have the creeps just from the stairs. *lol* I got the in and outs of the water pump, fixed the sump pump, learned where the electric panels were. Then it was time for the furnace! My husband was a very patient teacher as I had a little bit of a freak out over having to open her up to bleed her. I am proud to say that I now know how to start a furnace should I run out of oil. I even earned my own tool kit of a couple of screw drivers, a wrench, an oil bucket and a HOT pink rag! I’m quite proud of myself and hope that I never, ever have to go into the basement again!


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