The Girl Who Wouldn’t Read

Well, about two or three years ago, Morgaine decided that she didn’t want to read. Liam is a voracious reader. Everyone thought she would be just like him. Her father worried. Was I damaging her by not pushing it? Did she have a learning disability? Why had it been so easy for Liam to learn? How would she ever learn ANYTHING?

I left the opportunity open and books around, but she showed no interest whatsoever in learning to read. Then one Sunday morning, she picked up a paper and wrote out some words. They were spelled perfectly and she could read them but she insisted she was spelling and not reading. She DID NOT want to read. So we occasionally started practicing “spelling”.

It became a common question to ask as Morgaine neared grade one, “So, is she reading, yet?” The attention she got for not being able to read was quite significant. She thrived on it. I did begin to worry a little as Morgaine loves attention more than anything else. Would she ever read?

All of grade 1 went by. Morgaine occasionally looked at a book, but try to read, not so much. She struggled to read the books needed for the summer reading program and only did it because I insisted that she could. Come September, she started to read, and read quite well. However, she insisted that she hated reading and if anyone said anything about reading she’d say, “I CAN’T READ!”

Well, my little girl, you CAN read (and you actually like it because I’ve caught you reading FOR FUN!).


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