Real Life: Unscripted 2012

I started this blog way back in the spring because I wanted to show my perfectly imperfect life, however, 2012 quickly became a very stressful year and I felt that I couldn’t possibly share our daily lives with people. This is what I would have written about:

  • Children who had no motivation to learn.
  • Children who screamed and cried that they hated me and wanted to go live somewhere else when asked to help out or do some written school.
  • Struggling to find a way to deal with these issues.
  • My husband and I arguing because I wasn’t advocating enough over my healthcare.
  • My husband zoning out because he was sure I had some deadly disease and he didn’t want to deal.
  • My crying in the shower out of desperation and frustration.
  • Breastfeeding ALL NIGHT LONG.
  • Being utterly exhausted.
  • Oh,  yeah, the children being frustrated because Mommy was exhausted and unable to teach in the hands on, involved manner they were used to.
  • Ideas and plans started but never complete.
  • Trouble with the neighbours.
  • Repeated visits from police because of said neighbours.
  • Hours and hours and hours and hours of waiting for contractors.
  • Even more hours waiting for evaluators.
  • Hours (yes, hours) waiting at the bank.
  • The bank make repeated errors.
  • Hectic cleaning, sewing, fixing in an attempt to make our home show well so we could get government grants.
  • Realizing that because of above mentioned neighbours, we’d have to move so any desire to settle down had to be pushed aside and the many, MANY lost hours mentioned above were just that, LOST for no good reason.
  • Hours sitting in waiting rooms.
  • Hours sitting in emergency.
  • Doctors making promises they didn’t keep.
  • Hours and hours wasted for very few definitive answers.
  • Feeling totally unsure what to do next in any area of our lives.

Yes, 2012 has been in interesting year and I won’t be said to see it go. Here’s hoping that 2013 brings a lot more stability and answers. We’re working really hard in all areas of our lives to change things up a bit and I do hope that I’ll be able to post about our real life in a manner that won’t make ME want to run screaming from it!

Here’s to the last month of the year and a beautiful 2013 full of new things and adventures!



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