Your Doctor Said What ~ Swollen Abdomen Edition

You might have heard about “My OB said WHAT!?!?” Well, I bring you My Doctor Said WHAT ~ Swollen Abdomen Edition! (a week later and I am still shocked at some of the things that were said to me.

In triage. “Emergency room doctors are notoriously bad at diagnosing conditions that have become chronic.”

To the short of breath woman that has lost 7 pounds because eating has become difficult. “None of your organs are swollen to the point that eating or breathing should be difficult.”

After a rectal exam (fun times). “See. There’s no cancer. You’d have bleeding at the rectum if you had cancer.”

Noticing that woman is rubbing her back/flank to cope with her pain. “That’s your kidneys, but your kidneys were normal on the ultrasound.” (vaginally…..there’s no way they could evaluate one’s kidneys….my son had a kidney condition….we know about kidney ultrasounds).

When asked what to do if symptoms progress. “Well, difficulty to eat only becomes an issue when you reach a BMI of 18 – that’s about hmm, 100 pounds in  your case or if you cannot swallow fluids. Then we’d have something to be concerned about.”

Wanting to prescribe something so he can say he’s done his job. “I know you don’t have reflux but here, you should try the acid reducer for 30 days as a test.”


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