Goal Planning Monday – Week 84

Welcome to Goal Planning Monday!

IIf you are new here be sure to check out the guidelines and join in. We would love to have you! If you are returning, I hope you had a good week. Thank you for stopping in and sharing with us. Be sure to keep sharing with your friends as we all could use some accountability from time to time! I hope to see some new members this week. Keep spreading the word as we could all use some encouragement and support as we go about achieving our goals. If you have a moment get sure to hop over and see what others are doing.

1. Nap. Partially done. I rested a few time in the afternoon. Mike made himself an office upstairs in our room and he asked me to lay down while it did some work on his computer a couple of times.

2. Sleep at night. Done! Except for the few nights that pain kept me awake. I did take melatonin a couple times at the beginning of the week.

3. Drink water. Not done. No interest in water.

4. Keep up with some activities with the children. Done. Morgaine finished her lapbook. Liam is making good progress. I played lots of truckies with Ruadhan and a few boardgames with both older kids.

5. Make a few phone calls to see what referrals, if any, went through. Done. But no answer as to whether anything went through. Cannot see my family doctor until the 20th of September and I’m bring along a list of tests that doctors from Halifax (where i hung out in emergency for a fair part of the weekend) want me to have completed.

6. Keep the gluten out and cut out eggs and corn. Not done. Or rather, I started eating gluten because I was as distended and in as much pain as normal even  GF and when I had to appetite to eat I didn’t feel like preparing meals for just myself. I did not eat corn or eggs, though. Diet doesn’t seem to make any difference to me.

7. Visit everyone that links up. Not Done.

8. Perhaps change my blog around a bit.  Done. But not sure if I like it. I don’t really know, yet, as I haven’t hung around my blog much. It’s very pink and blue. I can make some changes but I think I will have to upgrade my account to really make it work for me and I don’t have any intention on doing that.

This week’s goals

1. Get my kitchen under control. We ended up going into the city when we weren’t planning to and the kitchen wasn’t really ready for us to be gone for a couple of days.

2. Stop researching on the internet. Seriously. Whatever will be, will be. I’ve done enough arguing and talking to doctors until much later in September. Time to just deal and not play the what ifs.

3. Take (at least) a full week break from facebook (again).

4. Eat. Yep. A goal.

5. Finish my Intro to Wellness course. I likely will not continue with the Family Herbalist Course. I am looking at starting prenatal lessons here in Cape Breton and building my doula practice so I will probably do that.

I think that is about it for this week. I’ll have more in the coming week’s as we get more organized but I’m not feeling terribly motivated today (I think it’s because it is so VERY hot here….I’ll be happy for fall.

One thought on “Goal Planning Monday – Week 84

  1. Sorry you had such a rough week again physically. I hope this coming week is extremely good. I will be praying for you. I hope you have success eating and do well with upping your doula practice now that you have made that decision. I too am looking forward to the cooler temps of fall, though not the even cooler temps of winter. I hope you get your motivation back and have a wonderful, productive week.

    I have that we are on week 83 this week, last week you have marked as week 82, you may want to check that.

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