A Belly Update

Well, I just wanted to thank everyone for all your comments on my last post about my distended belly. Of course, there were all kinds of comments and theories. I wasn’t expecting a diagnosis. Those that have similar stories, it is nice to know I’m not alone. Those that gave tips and pages with information, I’ve looked at it all.

While I am still doubtful that I have a food intolerance or IBS, I’ve decided that I will forgo actively looking for further testing (if internal medicine calls me for a colonoscopy, I will, of course, go) until I’ve had at least a month gluten free (despite getting a clean bill of health is terms of celiac screening). I’m undecided as to whether I’m going to cut out other inflammatory and/or estrogenic foods. Certainly all gluten has been cut (going on 4 full days now). I’ll be charting both what I eat and my symptoms on My Fitness Pal here. With my symptoms being so dependent on my cycle I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to food (I certainly haven’t noticed any trends) and I’m not sure I believe in once a month intolerance but I’m will to cut things out and see. If I swell to as great of an extent next month then I will likely look into other testing options as it is really taking me a long time to bounce back (usually I’m be back at my normal size within 5 days but last month it was a bit longer and this month, I’m 10 days in and still up 5cm (down significantly but still up overall). It’s certainly not because I’m eating a lot because I’m down nearly 5 pounds.

If anyone has any other suggestions I’m up to hearing about them. I’m going to look more into the endo diet. I read some more about IBS and looked at some checklists and it really doesn’t seem to fit terribly well (though, yes, I totally agree that out of everything I’ve read it IS the condition that causes such distention). Thank you all for  your thoughts so far and I hope to post about good results soon!

2 thoughts on “A Belly Update

  1. I do have a suggestion. Get gynecological testing. Not joking, Katrina. IF, God forbid, you have anything truly worrisome in your ovaries, that shit at your age is fast and furious, and it’s better to get on top of things now. Your symptoms are worstening. And you have been TOLD something was up in the ovary department at Emergency. It would be extremely weird to have gluten/celiac/IBS issues without digestive distress. Maybe not impossible, but weird. Please get evaluated and tested before your next cycle. Doesn’t it just make sense that if you’re looking pregnant at ovulation that maybe ovaries are causing this? I know you want to hear full support and reassurance, but I’m truly worried. You will do what you will, and I will support that, but not without daring to make that suggestion first. If you don’t follow up on that, I’m absolutely hoping that you will be symptom free next month with given your dietary change. full and speedy healing to you.

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