Think Back Thursday – Playing With Your Kids

It’s time for Think Back Thursday with our friends from Debbie’s Digest. If you’d love to join in and share some pictures/videos/memories from the past just click the button above.

This week’s theme is “Playing With Your Kids”. Well, I play with my children frequently, but I am the one behind the camera. I searched and search for a photo to share last week but there really weren’t any. However, I recently received a new camera and this weekend when we were out hiking Mike wanted to give it a try.

First he stuck me in a tree.

The tree.

Then he tried to make us pose.

…but we weren’t looking.

The we got playful….

He’s just hanging around.

And the big kids joined in.

And everyone smiled.

If you have a picture to share of you and your children having fun be sure to link up at Think Back Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Think Back Thursday – Playing With Your Kids

  1. Seems like the moms are always holding the camera! Looks like fun with your kids even if the posing didn’t work out, and it’s just nice to see mom in the picture every now and again.

  2. Great Photos. It is great to let our kids be the photographers. It will teach them a lot. There was some trial and error but that is to be expected. For some strange reason I like the first picture where you can only see part of your shirt. It is so cute to know that your son was trying so hard to learn to take a photo of you.

    Thanks for working hard to join up each week. Your pictures were great!

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