When Mum Turns Her Back

What I learned today:

1) Vegetable oil and baking soda does wonders in getting oil pastels off of a wood floor.

2) Under so circumstances can I leave the two and a half year old alone in another room for five minutes.

3) I probably shouldn’t even let him out of my sight for 5 seconds.

Yes, that, my friends, is oil pastel on wood floor. Not just a little bit of oil pastel, lots of oil pastel, and it wasn’t only there. It was all over our living room floor. I swear, my back was turned for about 3 minutes. My two and a half year old had asked me a little while earlier if he could go outside to draw with chalk and I told him that we did not have any but we would look to find some at the store. I guess he was not quite happy with that answers because when I was talking with my nephew on Facebook, he took matters into his own hands. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find chalk either and I suppose he figured oil pastel was the next best thing.

So, he was quiet and I’m thinking, this is kind of nice, I could get used to it (when will I ever learn). Then he comes over and takes my hands and says, “Look, Mommy. I drawing a picture.”

Yes, my boy, you sure are. All over my floor.

I smile, or attempt to, and say, “Ruadhán, we draw on paper, right?”

Still holding my hand, he turns me around and says, “But I did, Mommy.”

Yes, he did.

That doesn’t negate the fact that he also drew on the floor and we had to come up with a way to clean it up. Water? Nope. Toothpaste? Not so much. Baking Soda? Yep, but then I turned my back for 5 second to work on another section of floor.

Yes, he dumped it.

And proceeded to make baking soda angels.

In the end, we got it all cleaned up. We managed to do so while staying calm and I learned that you never, ever let a two and a half year old out of your sight. We’ll also be spending lots and lots of time outside with chalk and let the rain do the work!


One thought on “When Mum Turns Her Back

  1. Oh No!!! I remember these days… and I am glad I am not in the midst of them and I don’t want to go back to them. My baby is 15 1/2. My oldest is 26. My, the days with little ones seem so long sometimes… and then you turn around and they are teenagers!

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