Think Back Thursday – Graduation

I’m joining my friend, Debbie, for Think Back Thursday. All you have to do is click the button and you can join in and share some memories from your past as well.

Today’s theme is graduation as Debbie’s son just graduated from homeschooling highschool! Way to Go!

My kiddies are pretty young so I don’t really have many graduation photographs but I will see what I can do (you never know what you might find if you look!).

Last year my daughter “graduated” from our local library’s preschool program. She was a little bit older than the other children as a kindergartener but she enjoyed the program a lot in her 3 years of attending one morning a week and I think it was nice that the teacher gave the kids a little graduation at the end of the year.

Once upon a time I graduated from highschool. It wasn’t a very good time in my life and I was actually in the hospital when all this graduation stuff was going on. I was eager to go to the graduation ceremony (seen here with my father and his girlfriend) but less interested, by far, in the prom (above). My doctor told me that if I didn’t go to prom I’d regret it for the rest of my life (I think maybe she must have been a social butterfly or something in school). My best friend from my childhood came with me and that was nice (they’d arranged for me to be accompanied by a guy I barely knew since I wasn’t around to ask someone myself). I’m so glad my friend stepped up and my freedom from the hospital for a few hours that night was good. It was nice.

I went on to get about a billion and one credits in college/university but they never quite came together into any one degree so I guess I’ll have to wait for my children for my children before I see another graduation!

And for your musical pleasure, my graduation song, Wind of Change.


4 thoughts on “Think Back Thursday – Graduation

  1. Your daughter is adorable! Thanks for the song – I loved it! When I went to my prom, I agreed with a couple of my best friends that we would go as a “group” not in “dates” so I actually have the prom date portrait with myself and two of my friends – one guy and one girl. LOL And we got bored shortly after the dinner and left to party somewhere else. o.O

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure that the hall to school booked was cleared out by 9pm. I think most people ended up on the beach for a bonfire and I imagine drinking. I wouldn’t know. I made my way back to the hospital where I shared my evening with the nurses and my roommate.

  2. I agree, your daughter is adorable. We had a graduation party for my oldest daughter when she finished Kindergarten. None of the other kids could be talked into doing a Kindergarten graduation. Maybe I will share those photos some other time.

    I am sorry that was such a hard time for you. We all have those times in our lives. We are in a hard time right now. God is getting us through.

    We didn’t have prom in our school because I went to a Christian school for High School, we had a banquet, no dancing. I went to the banquet my Jr. and Sr. year and had a great time. In college we had banquets all the time and most of the time I went with a group like Kym did, but we always had a great time at our banquets, laughing and talking and eating! Those were the days!

    Thanks for posting and linking up. Have a great week.

    • Yeah, I don’t think there was much dancing at our prom either. It was a very small school. We had a supper and then they did have us dance with our parents and we had one dance with the person that brought us and that was it. I don’t think any of us were big dancers. I was probably back at the hospital for 8:30 or so!

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