When it Feels Like we Haven’t Gotten Anywhere

Officially, another school year is coming to an end. I’m getting ready to write my end of year reports to the department of education and am looking over what I wrote last year and what my goals were for the year. Liam accomplished above and beyond what I set out for him to do. Morgaine, well Morgaine, it seems hasn’t quite progressed as far academically as I imagined she might have.

What do I do in this case? Is it time to start panicking? Some might thing so. What if she never catches up? I choose to see things a bit differently. Perhaps, she was very busy learning other valuable lessons this year. Maybe it was more important for her to spend time nurturing her baby brother. She spent many a day immersed in colouring and using various art techniques. She explored our yard and grew things with her own two hands. She danced and sang. She was a free spirit. She was happy.

Sitting her down at a desk and forcing her to do thing that she isn’t ready to do, likely would have been disastrous. It would likely make her feel stupid. It would have made her hate learning. So we let things move along more organically. We remind people that she isn’t really reading yet. There are times when we want to say, “If you could just read…..” but we hold our tongue and read the menu, or the book, over and over again. We’ve caught her tried to read and progress has been made so we are gentle and we wait and we know that when her time comes she will learn to read and it will all be okay.



2 thoughts on “When it Feels Like we Haven’t Gotten Anywhere

  1. Singing and dancing teach rhythm and memorization both of which are critical in reading and comprehension. Studies have also shown that learning a musical language can help improve native language skills. Gardening teaches math, science, and whole host of other things. I bet she has picked up far more than you realize 🙂

  2. A couple of my kids were “late” readers. Life was much more pleasant for all of us when I left them be until they were ready. One of my boys just needed a little extra time and a little less pressure, another one needed a teachable spirit. I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been if either of them had been forced to read on someone else’s timetable. I think you’re wise to remain gentle and patient and let her progress at the pace that’s right for her. 😎

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