In Our World This Week – May 27th, 2012

In our world this week…

Liam started working on Chemistry the Easy Way. Mike and I bought it for ourselves a few years back just for fun (yes, we are the type of couples that work on textbooks together for fun) and Liam decided it would be the next thing he’d do in science. Liam completed 12 lessons in his geography book on Thursday because he thought it was cool. He made the family a yummy platter one lunch time this week and that was a big hit. He enjoyed talking religion with a lady that is coming in to give us Bible lessons. She said that she should be doing her lessons with Liam and she could probably learn a thing or two about him. Liam loves his Bible and while he wants to travel the world building homes for people I can maybe see mission work as part of his future.

Morgaine whined and complained. I’m not sure what her issues are this week but there is something going on. She’s not terribly pleasant to be around (there’s the real life part!). She is beginning to read more and more and though she’ll deny it, we’ve been catching her reading things when she thinks we aren’t looking. I won a complete year curriculum plan for Epi Kardia and she is looking forward to receiving that. I do hope that I will have the time and motivation to use it with her. It is a little labour intensive but the creator says that I will be able to gear it towards where she is and make it work I was thrilled to win as I told my husband that I was going to win it the night of the facebook party.

Ruadhan got his first haircut (I’ll take a picture tomorrow…..his baby curls are gone). He spend A LOT of time colouring. He worked in the garden a lot with me and is quite fascinated with bugs.

Mommy received her course from Vintage Remedies and completed the first unit in an hour and a half. It looks like a good course and it written quite well. I am anxious to start a more in depth level as this course is a basic review for me. It was given me the idea for a new weekly blog post but as it will take a little planning, experimenting and work on mt part, it probably won’t happen for a few weeks. I didn’t do much else. I was a little low in spirits for the better part of the week and Morgaine’s mood didn’t help much. Everything seemed a little pointless but I’m feeling brighter after a decent weekend.

Daddy started a new summer job. He also finished up our yard work and it is looking good.

(Pictures will be added to this post in the morning….it’s dark here and while the blog isn’t about perfection, I’d at least like you to be able to guess what is in the pictures!)


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