Super Excited to Announce the New KinderBach App

I recently had the opportunity to be a beta tester for a much loved company of mine, KinderBach. We’ve had the chance to review their online material a number of times so I jumped on the opportunity to beta test their new iPad/iPod App.

My two youngest children (2 and 6) were thrilled with the finished product. It is nice to have a keyboard incorporated into the App so that children can do the lessons directly on the iPad. Setting up  the keyboard isn’t always easy in out itty bitty house so having it right there was definitely a plus. The new games were fun for even the littlest (2 and a bit year old). This a powerful App that incorporates everything from the online version (videos, worksheets and games) and I highly recommend that you check it out for the little ones in your family.

The KinderBach App will be available very soon at Apple’s App Store (link will be provided here as soon as it is released) and invite you to download the first two lessons for FREE!


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