In Our World this Week – May 5th

Here’s what our little clan has been up to this week….

Liam – Got sixth place on the island in his Cub Car races this afternoon. He was quite impressed and so were we.

He started a lapbook on the human body and spend many hours working on it in the evening instead of sleep. At 8, he is gearing up for the GED and we were playing around with testing because he wanted to and the science was the most complicated stuff for him. He is also working on writing a choose your own adventure novel.

Morgaine – Is knitting, and kitting quite well for a little one.

She also made a new friend at Liam’s races.Her dance year is almost finished and she’s excited about that.

Ruadhan – Is (sort of) sleeping at night, waking only about 4 times a night to nurse and then actually going back to sleep. Mummy feels so well rested. Trains are still his favorite topic but that is closely followed by bugs and he’s found a couple carpet beetle friends this week!

Mum – Waited all week to receive wool in a red, brown, green colourway to knit a jacket for Ruadhan and received a red, brown, pink colourway instead so start on a really boring skirt for the girlie girl.

Enrolled for the Natural Wellness course from Vintage Remedies. The intention is to work through the whole program but we’re talking one series of class at a time to begin because we’ve been burned by natural health “schools” before. However, I’ve researched this school for about a year and I SURE that I will actually get the education I want though them! I’ve had fun reviving water and milk kefir grains and I’ll probably post about that at some point. We’re enjoying some good probiotic drinks in the house.

Daddy – Worked through another large pile of branches in our yard. Cooked an amazing chicken recipe out of his head and treated the family yesterday.

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