It’s Time to Introduce the Clan

My family is my life, and since this is a blog about my life I’m sure you’ll be hearing lots about my little clan so it’s time that you get to know them just a little bit.


This is the (not so) wee boy that threw me into parenthood nearly nine years ago. The time has flown. He was born wise beyond his year, an old soul. He’s my little scientist and a math wiz. He’s the child that you don’t have to homeschool because he is too busy with his head in an encyclopedia to listen to you. He loved to create things with his building toys (symmetry is a must) and spends many hours now drawing and then creating platform games on the computer. He’s quiet and can be on the moody side but he is also funny and witty and a joy to have around.


Morgaine is my little free spirited child. She’s amazingly creative. She’s super social. She’s charismatic. She has no time for school. She’s too busy dancing, singing, drawing, day dreaming. She’s also dramatic and firery. She’s taught me a lot about patience. Times were challenging when she was young and there are times when it feels like we are still feeling each other out. I had a lot of unfair expectations of her when she was wee that were based on her older brother and it turns out that he wasn’t the typical child and we were expecting things that were way beyond her development. We’re healing and she’s growing into a lovely little helper and beautiful being.


Ruadhán is our little sweetheart. He’s totally a Mama’s boy but that is alright. He is very much a mix between his two older siblings. Loves trains and buildings. He is smart and inquisitive. He is social and talks up a storm (very clearly, at that). He adores being outside and is in love with his older sister that he calls “Kid”. He very attached and at two he is still not letting me get much rest at night as he tends to get the majority of calories through breastmilk and is just too busy to nurse much during the day. The are only so very little once so I’m taking in and enjoying every moment.

These little ones make me laugh and make me cry. They challenge me every day. They make me smile. I love them to bits. They complete me and make me who I am.

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