Healthy Eating ~ Sourdough

In attempt to bring good health and balance into the family, I’ve started us on some interesting dietary changes based on the principles of Weston A. Price. We’ve always tried to eat relatively healthy and limit our consumption of processed foods but I knew that there was more that I could be doing and with support and information from friends I’m adding one or two new changes to our family at a time (it doesn’t make sense to change everything all at once and becoming overwhelmed or having the children (and husband) rebel). Since I love to bake one of the most exciting changes was to start using sourdough for baking as opposed to traditional yeast.

Yes, this germophobe decided that her first big change was going to be to let a water/flour mixture sit out on her counter indefinitely, the success of all future recipes at stake. I’ve had some successes…..

First attempt at sourdough bread using instructions from this video (the video is odd but the recipe is good!).

Rye bread that I came up with on my own as I couldn’t find a recipe that I liked. It tasted very authentic, but there was a line of dough that was not cooked in one of the loaves that bothered my husband. My oldest son said it was the best bread he ever had.

Homemade crackers based on this recipe. My starter was a rye/white mix and this last batch I only added white flour (they are just as good whole wheat). I needed at add more flour than the recipe called for but you’ll know when you’ve added enough. I also used bacon fat instead of lard. I added focaccia herbs and sunflower seed to this batch but you could add all kinds of goodness. The are soooooooooo good! Homemade crackers are totally worth it!

….and at least one failure and I meant to take a picture of it but it ended up here….

…..before I got the chance!

Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with how things have turned out with sourdough. I was very much afraid that it would through off my baking. I will be attempting to modify some of my desert recipes over the next could weeks to see if we can be done with traditional yeast altogether. I’ll keep you posted.


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