Trying Something Eggstrodinary

Well, if you are like me, you are probably on Pinterest (or at least facebook) and you’ve probably seen these beautifully coloured boiled eggs that retain their colour after they are peeled (I’d share a picture but you know, copyrights and all…oh, wait, I’m a genius (or something) here’s my google search). I was given the instructions to boil eggs, then crack the shells, add food colouring to the water, and boil again.

So that is what we did yesterday afternoon.They didn’t pack quite the punch I was expecting considering the vibrant colours of the water they were cooked in.

The red one wasn’t so bad but the amount of dye I was used was ridiculous and I sort of let it boil for an extra long time because I was nursing the two year old FOREVER.

Thank you, Baby!

If you want to make beautifully vibrant boiled eggs that you can eat in all their splendor, do not follow my instructions but feel free to visit Barefoot Kitchen Witch and find out how she makes her eggs, instead!

(Or you could throw them into a boiling pot of dye and forget about them, I suppose.)

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