Who Am I?

Good question! For a while, I’ve been wondering that myself.

Here’s what I know:

I’m a 30 some odd year old woman. I’ve been in a committed relationship for nearly 12 years. We didn’t marry because we couldn’t agree on wedding size but he is my life partner.

I have 3 beautiful children, but I never imagined I’d have biological children of my own. About 3 months before I got pregnant I spent the day with a friend of mine and his granddaughter and he told me I’d make an excellent Mum and I said, “no way!” Parenting has kind of grown on me, though.

I live outside of the mainstream for the most part. My babies are born at home. I breastfeed FOREVER. I don’t have any baby gear in my house. I tend to avoid doctors unless we are quite ill and treat most things with alternative medicine/whole foods. My babies don’t cry it out, my babies are carried A LOT and my babies sleep in bed with me…

but, we don’t quite fit in with the crunchy folk either. I’m not opposed to occasionally putting a disposable diaper on the baby. I’m not a passionate intactivist or lactivist that will fight for the cause. I’ll admit that I’ve given a teething baby tylenol so I could maybe sleep a teeny bit longer. I’ve maybe given my children a vaccine or two (or maybe I haven’t….isn’t that a tricky one?)

I homeschool, BUT I don’t quite fit there either. I want to be Waldorfy but my kids watch too much TV. Charlotte Mason is cool but I don’t have enough time to read living books aloud to my children. We do too much structured work to be unschoolers but we certainly aren’t school at homers either!

I’m a (desperate) want to be Christian but can’t call myself one because I strongly support LGBT issues as I cannot imagine a god that would have issues with who a person loves. My activist side (that is missing from the lactivist/intactivist debate) is aroused around this and issues surrounding violence against women and I’ll get out and raise my voices for these causes.

My Mum died when I was twelve and I’ve spent many a year looking for a replacement Mom/woman to love me and take care of me. I miss her everyday but it really only hit me how profound this loss was about 4 years ago when I was picking up my children’s toys for the millionith time that day and I wanted to speak to Mum about how she ever managed 6 kids.

I’m terribly uncormfortable around men so it’s amazing that I ever found someone at all. It probably takes me a couple years before I can look a male friend/acquiantance in the eyes. I don’t do it to be rude. I’m damaged goods.

I don’t talk with my family often and sometimes that makes me sad.

I start many projects but I rarely finish. I daddle in knitting, crochet, sewing, gardening, painting, writing but I’m mediocre at most things (but that doesn’t really bother me!)

If we had the money I’d be a professional student. Over the years I’ve studied nursing, fine arts, psychology and women’s studies in CEGEP and/or univesity. I’d love to take a trade just to see what that is like. I’d love to research sustainable living….oh, to be a student!

If I had to work, I’d either own a little whole foods cafe or work in a library.

I LOVE books. I HATE electronic gadgets (though can’t seem to live without them).

I’m far from perfect but that is okay….I live life and I love it. I try and sometimes I suceed. I have fun in the process.

You’ll get to see little snippets of this crazy life as I blog to share! Read what you like and skip what you don’t. Like me or not….this is who I am.


2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. I enjoyed reading this! I found you by popping over to your older blog from HomeschoolBloggersHaven (you’re the blogger highlighted today!). I don’t know where you live (I’m guessing GB or perhaps Oz by your spelling — colour — but your photo lookos more GB), but my denomination, the Presbyterian Chuch USA, does not condemn people for their orientation. At my church specifically, the senior pastor said from the pulpit, (paraphrase) “If you trust Jesus as your savior, you are welcome at our church. Gay, straight, everyone.” Other denominations are also welcoming, such as the episcopal church. Of course, each church has its own culture, so looking around for a good fit is necessary!

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