An Introduction of Sorts

I’ve been around the blogging world for a while now. I was blogging before everyone and their dog seemed to have a blog. I had a few blogging friends who also had little blogs. Several of these blogging friends now have beyond beautiful blogs and a huge following. Some have even written their own books (and I can say I knew them way back when). Over the years, blogging has changed. It has become a business. People work to get huge followings so they can review products, collaborate on projects, and even sell their own items. I got caught up in this for a while myself. But to get followers you needed to post DAILY, and be interesting, and with Pinterest have good photos, and, and, and…but I wanted to be someone out there in the blogging world.

However, in trying to be someone, I kind of lost the whole reason I started blogging to begin with. Sure, I was getting reviews and occasionally people would link to my blog, but I was never happy. Blogging had become my job, and not my passion. I never wrote about my daily, less than perfect, life anymore. I didn’t talk about my kids more than to say that they liked, or didn’t like, a product. I worried that I wasn’t posting enough pictures. That my blog wasn’t pretty enough. I was frustrated that I couldn’t write about what my life was really like. That would surely scare people away! No one wants to know the real you.

Well, this is it. This is my life, real and unscripted. No worries about what people think. To be read, or not. It’s not about followers, the best pictures, or the most reviews. It’s about me, my family, ,my life….because life is too short to worry about what people think. It doesn’t have to complicated. It just has to be fun, and real, and honest….

…..and I’m so looking forward to it!


3 thoughts on “An Introduction of Sorts

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